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Hi Marketing Top Gun -- here's my review of My Funnel Empire business opportunity that successfully launched on
24th May 2016. First impressions have got me excited though I've been reviewing opportunities since
1997 when I first started up online as an affiliate marketing 'apprentice' - I've seen a few ups and downs.

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  1. Brainchild of Bryan Winters, renowned Fast Business Builder. Expert list builder and email marketer.
  2. Solid Technology Platform built by of Europe
  3. Earn immediate cash plus residual income long term
  4. Use state-of-the-art Video Conferencing, audio/video, new contact systems
  5. Unparalleled Internet Success System with all tools supplied like Marketing 101 Video.
  6. Make more cash from commissions and bonuses!
  7. Grow your business faster than you ever thought possible!

Newsflashes from David D'Arcangelo:

"You'll be excited to know that My Funnel Empire has now over 30,000 people on-board as at 3 PM New York
time, January 2nd! This ensures that we are poised for a stellar launch." - January 13th at noon, U.S. EST

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This is YOUR opportunity. Right now you have something very few people in the world have... A priority
position near the very top of the 2x15 matrix in what I predict will be the single biggest and most
successful online business opportunity launch of 2009. Also see online income from home in India for south Asia.

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Top Internet marketers have rushed into Web Prosperity to secure their high positions for a reason:
They KNOW this business opportunity is the biggest in 10 years and that a 2x15 matrix is perfect
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I highly recommend the WebProsperity business opportunity to you.


Geoff Dodd
Business Editor
Perth 6000
Western Australia

Last updated on September 16, 2016

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