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Online advertising includes pay per click advertising such as the popular Google ppc. But who could call that cheap traffic? Our partners offer you effective 1 cent per click advertising. Our Traffic and Conversion University is partly a cheap traffic school. How is this? Well, the question of how to get traffic to your website is answered by true 1 cent per click visits. See the image, just above. Geoff Dodd, Web Editor.

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Monitoring Visitors

You can ethically spy on your site visitors' cursor movements, mouse and eye movements and scrolling actions. Create heat maps. Helps you improve your conversion rate!

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Website Conversion Tools

Our hi-tech partners now supply you with heat map tools. You join free for 7 days. You track and record all mouse and cursor movements on your Web site. Even eye movements and scrolling. You redesign placement of your 'buy' buttons and your 'calls to action' text links. Watch sales conversions skyrocket. Bank your profits.

Join us free. Receive daily traffic tips to flood your blog or website with increasing numbers of targeted buyers. Receive both organic, SEO tips for blogs and more advanced PPC advice, as well as social media strategies, video and viral-marketing and a neat direct-to-desktop software system, free. We are traffic masters. Pure fanatics experienced online since 1997. Our shared goal is to Get More Traffic.

Simple. Subscribe and reply to any email from Traffic and Conversion University. Geoff Dodd will reply to you personally. We're keen to help you succeed on The Internet.

Traffic and Conversion University is committed to providing its customers with a free service, well into the future. We will adapt as The Internet changes. From time to time we'll recommend best of breed Web Analytics and Traffic tools, as they appear and as we begin to use the Web tools ourselves. Let's keep this relationship alive. There's a lot that's yet to be added to The Pipeline...

Our Special Team

Listen.. we know how you STRUGGLE to get enough visitors to your Web site. We solve this.. Take our free Course. You'll quickly master traffic and conversion. Just follow the course. You won't need these admin, help staff. Remember: Learning new Web Traffic Strategies is your key to a whole new World of health, wealth, prosperity, safety, security, survival and individual freedom. Take our free Traffic Tips Course.

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