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Hi, I'm Geoff Dodd, in Te Aroha, New Zealand. I started out as an affiliate marketer on The Internet in 1997. I did well from 1998, selling data and secret resource sites to U.S. private investigators. I made over a hundred thousand, doing SEO and Adwords. I also did well with a network marketing, health-related company. But, traffic-wise, I found I was relying on Google too much for my free, organic search traffic. When Google changed its rules or hiccupped, I started losing out on Web visitors. Big time. Even Google Adwords gave me trouble with low quality scores for my home made Web pages. But they wouldn't explain the new rules. Things got worse. It was so damn frustrating! I got depressed and it even cost me a marriage.

Fast forward to February of 2016. I've just discovered that Vick Strizeus and Jason McClain of High Traffic Academy are giving away a full 14 days of high quality, step-by-step video training in the Internet marketing space ...

Vick and Jason are clearly the real deal. They're both very highly skilled marketers. And great guys to have as friends and mentors. Even the 14 days of free videos they offer you in Project Breakthrough, will lift your skill level amazingly in this online industry!

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Geoff Dodd, Author, New Zealand

Geoff Dodd, Te Aroha, New Zealand


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