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When starting out with a small business operation on The Internet, you need to follow a formula and a plan that works. That is, do your research on what the successful marketers online have done in previous years and what they are doing now, as we approach 2017. I have selected the Minnesota, Michigan area of marketers, including Bryan Winters, Reed Floren and Jeff Johnson, for you to emulate, imitate and copy. These three men understand: 1. Web Traffic generation, 2. conversion through video sales letters, and 3. relentless follow-up tactics using email marketing techniques, amongst other things, such as very persuasive copy writing.

So visit the 'MFE' maze image, above and click through deeper levels to join the incredibly effective system, called My Funnel Empire . com which helps you to rapidly build a list of prospects that you can start mailing out to, regularly, using an autoresponder service:- (such as Getresponse or Aweber.)

Topics For Managerial Discussion - Internet Systems

  1. Business Research and Trends Online 2014 - 2015
  2. Business Research on effective small Internet startups
  3. Testing small home based Internet starter operations
  4. Which small business strategies work today?
  5. How starting an Internet business works and more...
  6. How to research ideas for traffic generation and conversion.
  7. Home based businesses online that work with email list marketing
  8. Recurring billing practices at major affiliate aggregators in 2014.
  9. Why automated approaches to affiliate marketing still work today.
  10. Why Bryan Winters started up his web site system.
  11. How Reed Floren managed the Traffic Coop with wholesale click buying.
  12. The hundred thousand plus member result that was achieved.
  13. Supporting members in the special Insider Group at Facebook.
  14. Training materials included lists of solo ad providers.
  15. Training materials also gave out banner advertising places like blogs, etc.
  16. The need for closer mentoring and individual training in Internet marketing tactics
  17. Team work approaches in the 5FigureDay Funnel System training.
  18. Why some used their available money to make more money, while others didn't.
  19. Buying media and paid ads approaches. For example, Google Adwords Display ads in the content network. You can choose the highly related web sites to show..
  20. Free resources that do work are actually very valuable.
  21. You pay with either your time or your cash money.
  22. Faster approaches to building critical mass with a mailing list.
  23. The large autoresponder companies like GVO, Aweber and Getresponse.
  24. So they have promises of email deliverability that are now questioned?
  25. Or are recipients simply receiving too many emails in total every day?
  26. Can you really get a 50% email open rate?
  27. What statistics are good for opens and for click rates?
  28. Is tracking of email opens and clicks essential?
  29. What subject lines work best? Evoking emotion and getting the click through?
  30. Should you use CPA offers or marketing product offers?
  31. Are the refund rates killing off some product vendors at
  32. Why some vendors are shifting over to
  33. What is the difference from, say,, Commission Junction?
  34. Is Linkshare still delivering the conversions?
  35. What type of funnel for higher conversions did Bryan Winters invent?
  36. What is a so-called Double Squeeze lead?
  37. Is that inferior to your own acquired email lead? It is a shared name and email address.
  38. What is a system that does not require actual email addresses?
  39. Who is still using email marketing?
  40. How can I stand out from the crowd with my email marketing?
  41. Which subject lines evoke curiosity, intrigue, and demand an action for cognitive closure?


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