Womens Internet Business Mom Working From Home?

Wanting to boost passion, love, fashion and career?
Here's the How-to.. Post an Ad!

Important: Read this whole page before you post an ad

Are you a mom working from home with kids in the background?
Or a career woman balancing full time work with children and a husband?
Or maybe you're a single girl wanting to earn extra income online, so as to achieve a personal goal such as world travel?
A new car? Asking yourself, "how can I make money?"

In any of these scenarios you CAN work effectively on The Internet. But there's something important
you'll need to conquer first:

You'll need to learn "how to promote" yourself and your business. Top priority. You must learn
about writing effective ads, and about WHERE to advertise online. "How and where can I advertise?"

I have a friend who owns an Advertising Agency. That's why I've provided you
with this complete list, below, of effective advertising resources :-)
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Geoff Dodd,  Internet Business Coach
Geoff Dodd, Business Coach
Perth 6000, Western Australia

P.S. Men are welcome to post a trial ad also ...
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Hint: use a word like 'discover,' 'reveals,' 'expose,' or 'How to.. '
in your headline.
Use 'you', 'your', or 'you'll' in your ad. Write about benefits, with excitement ...
but don't over-hype your message. Make it credible. Irresistible.

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