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"I purchased Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz and felt immediately pleased that I had done so!"

"The video training course in how to do mobile marketing is excellent. Even breath-taking at times."

"Soon I was placing tiny, 35 char text and image ads on thousands of iPhones and Android phones."

"It was instantly clear how to proceed with mobile marketing. PPC, CPM and even SEO worked for me.. "

"I'm now making 5 figures from my mobile web site SEO network building and link building business! Wow!"

"Not bad for an affiliate!"


Review: 5 stars

Reviewer's notes: Mobile Monopoly was released in July/August of this year, 2010, and a lot of buzz was
released, creating enormous excitement amongst Internet marketers. In fact, the product launch turned the
whole IM group upside down, as here was a totally new method - a fresh approach which levels the entire
Internet playing field once again!

Adam Horwitz, despite being only 18 years old at the time, did NOT disappoint as his videos were superb
and crystal clear to follow. Adam displayed a wisdom and a generosity rarely seen in this online world, by
giving so freely of his knowledge and allowing all new members to use the basic version of his BeastMobi
software tool, which creates mobile-web optimized landing pages.

Adam went on to share all his resource sites for mobile marketing, such as and
for mobile web affiliate offers and and for getting smart phone traffic by pay per
click (PPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) advertising methods - all specialized for mobile phones.

Honestly, I could write a whole book about Adam Horwitz and his excellent video training course, Mobile Monopoly,
singing the praises and extolling the virtues. I watched every video in the training series with my jaw dropping and
my eyes wide open like a three year old child. Then I turned back to the computer and applied everything, placing
tiny mobile ads, creating campaigns, earning huge commissions -- and I suggest you do too.

It's just THAT good. 5 stars.

Geoff Dodd,

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