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Question 1. "What is The Mobile Web?" Wikipedia

Answer: "It is simply using hand held devices to access the world wide web."

Qn. 2. "But aren't the mobile websites different? They seem smaller!"

Answer: "Yes, the mobile websites are optimized for cell phone screens in pixel size."

Qn. 3. "Are sites for Apple® iPhones different from sites for Androids or, say, the BlackBerry® smartphone?"

Answer: "Yes. Sometimes we specialize a site for a certain brand or operating system. Yes."

Qn. 4. "Is the same HTML language used for the mobile sites as for normal web pages?"

Answer: "Good question! Yes, it can be, except the best protocols to use for the mobile web are WAP and extensible HTML, or xhtml 1999. You need to show this info in the DOC TYPE at the very top of each web document, just as you do for normal web pages."

Qn. 5. "Do I need to register a .mobi domain name to use for my new mobile website?"

Answer: "No. It's not essential. You can also use a .info or a .com domain name. You can create a sub-domain in an existing .com site and simply name it 'm' like a lot of the big companies do: http://m.cnn.com is the mobile-optimized space for CNN in the USA, for example."

Qn. 6. "Will you guide me in creating my very first web page for the mobile web?"

Answer: "Great question! I thought about this already and prepared a simple answer and solution, in my 7 part e-mail series. You just need to join my latest project, the Mobile Interest Group. If you give me your name and e-mail address, I'll give you the answer to the vexing question, "How can I create a web page for the mobile web?"

Qn. 7. "How can I contact you?"

Answer: "First, get my free 7 part training series, then hit reply in one of the emails. The answer to Question #6 comes in my message number 6. The whole training series is brief, concise, easy to follow and jam packed with the very best information and resource sites."

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Question 8. "What is digital convergence?"

Answer: "Digital convergence refers to how all the digital functions and services, like GPS, e-mail, SMS messaging, web browsing, maps and places, digital camera, video recording, games and multi-media, MP3 player, organizer, calculator, radio and even TV - are now converging on the cell phone. It's totally mind-blowing when you step back and look at it!"

Question 9. "What is coming next?"

Answer: "More touch screens, like large iPad® devices, all around your home and in public buildings and on the street. The integration of the mobile cell phone with 3D television. More video screens for direct face-to-face communication, to save travel."

Question 10. "How can I advertise to all these millions of owners of smart phones? How can I make money from mobile marketing?"

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