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Small-to-medium sized local businesses everywhere can now enjoy increased turnover with the implementation of new, cutting edge techniques, methods and strategies of mobile marketing. Use SMS text messaging to send out coupons to regular customers. This course is designed to bring new ways of exploiting the mobile web to small businesses. You will soon be doing things like sending out SMS messages for product discount coupons, to ensure quality VIP follow up. You might reserve a Google Places site and you might begin PPC or CPM advertising on a huge mobile advertising network such as or where neat little 35 character plus an image, ads are sent out to apps used by people in your defined demographic client or customer grouping. You are the manager or CEO, so it's entirely up to you just how you advertise on smartphone mobile web platforms. Locally or even globally. Your choice.

Disclaimer and legal statement: This cell phone business web site is designed to show you how to gain valuable free training in generating multiple streams of residual income from local mobile marketing, starting today. We are not responsible for your income results which may depend on your own learning, your motivation, your energy level and your application of methods and your dedication to the required tasks. However, we do wish you well online.

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