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Release of iPhone 5 in Cal

Technical Features Of New iPhone 5

  • The CPU or processor is faster. A6 Dual Core Processor.
  • News: iPhone 5′s A6 processor found to have dual-core CPU, triple-core GPU which enhances graphics for games played on the new iPhone.
  • iOS6 operating system (iPhone 4S is also upgradeable to iOS6).
  • Improvements in Siri - Voice controlled personal assistant.
  • Low-light better..Similar camera specs but it still takes the best photos and video on the market, with improvements in the way images are taken and processed and improvements in low light.
  • 4 Inch screen (diagonal) and a slightly taller physical design, but iPhone 5 has the same width as iPhone 4S. It is noticeably slimmer...  
  • East Coast of USA: Supports 4G LTE, or "Long Term Evolution", is the newest and fastest genre of the 4G network. Reportedly, carriers claim it's up to 10 times faster than 3G, and apparently, that might even be a low estimate. LTE is so fast that download speeds can rival cable or DSL.
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Complaints About The Latest iPhone 5

To tell you the truth, there have been some relatively minor complaints and issues with the new iPhone. Some customers have reported scuff marks, scratches and tiny dents on the anodized aluminum case of the new smartphone. This is obviously a softer case. The iPhone 4S had a harder, stainless steel case. Less easily marked.

In some phones there is a "light leak" -- a small flash of light coming from the top of the device behind the glass panel. This needs to be rectified by the manufacturer as it affects photographs.

The shift away from Google Maps has meant that the Apple Maps App is not nearly as well developed as its predecessor. There are some strange omissions and errors and no actual, local pictures of areas or streets. Information about public transport is also missing, often. The writer is certain that Apple will soon address these issues and failings with maps...

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