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The major cities of Old England are the capital city, London, on the Thames River in the east and the other large port, Liverpool, in the west. Some other, additional industrial cities with a long history include Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Luton where the Ford Motor Co has factories.

London is the site of the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games and of course the Royal Wedding of Prince William, elder son of Lady Diana, with commoner Katherine Middleton. Will and Kate's royal wedding is putting Westminster Abbey back on the map in May, 2011. Security will be massive for it.

Big Ben is the famous clock which is about 200 years old. It is near The Tower Bridge and Westminster Buildings of Parliament. London is a large cosmopolitan centre for commerce, finance, administration and also for tourism, sports and entertainment. It features the West End theatres and music concerts and plays.


The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh. Another major city is Glasgow, known to be rather rough and industrial. Scotland is also known as desolate and hilly, with a cold climate and for making the very best whiskey in the world, such as Chivas Regal blended scotch whiskey. Single malt. Scotland has had its own parliament now for a wee while after seeking independence from Great Britain. It is a part of The United Kingdom for political and defence purposes.


The Prince of Wales is currently Prince Charles, aged 67 years and currently the next in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth the Second, of Rex The House of Windsor. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff. The Welsh are famous for enjoying rugby union and for producing the popular singer, Tom Jones.


Northern Ireland

The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast. This state is under The United Kingdom politically and that has been a matter of great controversy over the last century. The Protestants rule but often clash with the Roman Catholics in Belfast when annual marches take place. Police have a busy time in Belfast. The economic situation is not helping at present with high unemployment. Perhaps these Irish folk will soon realize the benefits of The Best Deal Yet.


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